how wide is your theological imagination?

One of the most theological imaginative ideas in the last 50 years: Capitalism isn’t working. Another World is Possible! A week before Christmas, Pastor Tim Keller tweeted: This comes as no surprise. For Keller, evangelicals, and other Christian conservatives, Jesus’ main objective was to forgive sins. For this reason, accordingly, Jesus was put on aContinue reading “how wide is your theological imagination?”

like any good ghost, the holy ghost haunts the world towards justice #halloweentheology

I wrote this paper a few years back and think it’s good to revisit it, especially on Halloween! “for in the one spook we were all haunted into one house jews or greeks, slaves or free and we were all made to be spooked by the phantasm.” 1 Corinthians 12:13 (New Revised Specter Version) InContinue reading “like any good ghost, the holy ghost haunts the world towards justice #halloweentheology”

youth group social justice worship service

I had a wonderful time leading a Vesper-like service for a youth group from Yorktown, NY. The theme of the service was faith and social justice. Tonight they also volunteered with food prep and will help out tomorrow at the soup kitchen. I thought I’d share the bulletin since I enjoyed creating it so much!   Continue reading “youth group social justice worship service”

theology, the future, and pop culture

The abstract for my paper, “The Eschatological Lens of Saga,” has been accepted at the Mid-Atlantic Pop and American Culture Conference in November. I’ve been so excited for it that I even started to re-read one of my sources for the paper, Jürgen Moltmann’s Theology of Hope. One quote struck me tonight, it reads, “TheologicalContinue reading “theology, the future, and pop culture”

a people’s history of prayer: elizabeth thunderbird haile

“O God the Creator,” a hymn by Elizabeth Haile, Shinnecock, and Cecil Corbett, Nez Perce/Choctaw O God the Creator, the Three in One The Creator of Earth and moon and sun You have loved and protected us since time first begun And we’re brothers and sisters in God’s love, in God’s love. And we’re brothers and sistersContinue reading “a people’s history of prayer: elizabeth thunderbird haile”

a people’s history of prayer: gwendolyn brooks

The Preacher Ruminates Behind the Sermon I think it must be lonely to be God.  Nobody loves a master. No. Despite  The bright hosannas, bright dear-Lords, and bright  Determined reverence of Sunday eyes.  Picture Jehovah striding through the hall  Of His importance, creatures running out  From servant-corners to acclaim, to shout  Appreciation of His merit’sContinue reading “a people’s history of prayer: gwendolyn brooks”

a people’s history of prayer: an introduction

  Ever since I first heard of A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn, I have been fascinated with the series. Most recently I read An Indigenous People’s History of the United States by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz. Her thoughtful prose and love for the subject has filled me with such intrigue and sorrowContinue reading “a people’s history of prayer: an introduction”

“no one chooses refugee camps or strip searches”

An accidental forte I’ve developed over the years is not staying in one place for too long. In the last six years I’ve moved over ten times and this doesn’t count the in-between months of staying on friends’ couches. When I visited my parents’ house at the beginning of the summer my dad counted howContinue reading ““no one chooses refugee camps or strip searches””

pentecostalism and weak pneumatology

I presented this paper at the Fordham Theological Graduate Conference on May 2, 2015. It was fun to write and think through my family’s tradition. Enjoy! John Caputo called one Sunday afternoon and said that he wanted to meet me that night at an Assemblies of God church for a revival. I agreed and arrivedContinue reading “pentecostalism and weak pneumatology”

“i met god, she’s black” and the death of the author

The first time I saw “I Met God, She’s Black” it was being worn by a friend at seminary. I thought they made it themselves. It’s not like there’s a bunch of t-shirt companies who: a) care about theology b) even if they did, it would probably be pop-theology. So they could make some money offContinue reading ““i met god, she’s black” and the death of the author”