Queering the Stations of the Cross(es): Jesus is condemned to death

Jesus was condemned to crucifixion on that fateful day by the Roman Empire. Jesus disturbed the peace, ruptured the temple-industrial complex, and was not pacifying anytime soon. If we take a much-needed step back, historically, Pilate and governors before and after him condemned thousands of others too. Once  in the early first century, a Roman roadContinue reading “Queering the Stations of the Cross(es): Jesus is condemned to death”

Queering Holy Week: A Primer

For Holy Week, I will take up a new project titled, “Queering the Stations of the Cross(es).” In the last few months, beautiful artwork on LGBTQ Stations have emerged; as well as a specifically Trans-queering the Stations of the Cross. These are wonderful additions to the Christian imagination surrounding Holy Week and the Stations. For my project, IContinue reading “Queering Holy Week: A Primer”

unknowing and theological queerness

Theological queerness is not simply a question of queer theology disrupting ‘mainstream’ theology; rather, all theology is somehow simultaneously strange, weak and marginal, and potently disruptive of a mindset which says it is possible to comprehend (or encompass) all the mysteries of the universe. Gerard Loughlin comments, “Even when theology was culturally dominant it was strange,Continue reading “unknowing and theological queerness”