Conference Abstract

my abstract for the anarchism and the body conference

I’m extremely excited to be presenting at Anarchism and the Body Conference, June 12-14, at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN.

I present on Sunday, June 14th from 3:40pm-4:45pm. Here’s my abstract:

Weak Bodies, Weak Theology: A Genealogy of Biblical Bodies as Constellations of Anarchism

Body theology, most notably in the U.K., constructs a theology based on the experiences of physical abuse, menstruation, obesity, and the uncontrollability of bodies. Often they begin with our present context, leaving behind any kind of genealogy of bodies. In this paper I will explore an anarchist body theology, paying close attention to bodies throughout the Hebrew Bible and early Christian literature for ruptures of fragile bodies against powerful, strong bodies. I will show how Sarah’s post-menopausal body, well beyond childbearing years, bore a child. How the enslaved bodies of the Hebrews marched out of Egypt liberating their bodies. Moreover, that Rahab, a sex worker, will be acknowledged in the lineage of Jesus. Lastly, how the image of the broken body of Christ is used in Paul’s writings and the Gospel of Mark. These narratives show how divinity changes societal perceptions of the no-bodies into heroes and change agents. Thus, demonstrating it is not through political or state power that one changes the world, but through communities of the neglected.