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somewhere between prayer and revolution

The Flobots penned this lyric, in my title, in the opening line of “Same Thing.” The lyrics continue with “between Jesus and Huey P. Newton.” And on this particular Sunday in the month of October, we find ourselves holding these same tensions. This weekend is #fergusonoctober and I am grateful that many of my peers from Union Theological Seminary are there participating in these actions. As well, yesterday was National Coming Out Day, when those who identify as queer come out as their true selves to family members, friends, and their communities. Last and certainly least, tomorrow is columbus day. Thankfully, a few cities are renaming this day to Indigenous People’s Day.

This weekend raises our awareness that we are not close to having a just society.

Hands Up, Don't Shoot

So I wanted to write a prayer:

God of our world,
We look around us and see injustice everywhere
Our society is overripe with white supremacy,
racism, sexism, ableism, and hatred of the poor.
We ask for your forgiveness because we recognize through scripture
that Jesus cared for all and repented when he did not (Mark 7:25-30)

We pray for those in Ferguson this weekend with #fergusonoctober
our hearts are on fire for Michael Brown and his loved ones.
our hearts are on fire that Darren Wilson will feel convicted and turn himself in.
our hearts are on fire for a movement that rejects colorblindness for real talk about racism.

We pray for the strength for those who come out to their family and friends
we pray that queer persons find supportive communities
we pray an end to queer youth being kicked out on the street
we pray that queer person know that they are beloved by God

We pray for Indigenous communities living in the US and around the world
may their cultures stand firm in the face of colonization
may they continually decolonize from white supremacy
may they find hope in their communities

God, we pray for the end to all war
an end to poverty,
and an end to apathy.
May we follow you in the ways of justice and peace. Amen.


hang up your capes: a poem

(Preface: I read a ton of comics and lately I have been thinking about the concept of superheroes. Hopefully, this will seem less like a tirade against superheroes and more of a call to work together for a better world. We don’t need superheroes that bring easy solutions, it won’t last. We need to struggle with our own issues of racism, sexism, the prison-industrial-complex, ableism, heterosexism and much more, that together justice may reign and last.)

Hang Up Your Capes

Superheroes annoy me.
I don’t need them coming into my city and tell me what’s wrong,
I have lived with these villains much longer than they have.

I don’t need the CEOs who have the power to create
better technologies to save the day1.
They’re the ones who pay off politicians and Supreme Court rulings2.

I don’t need superheroes.
Their capes hide the need for social reform.
They are missionaries spreading themselves as Gospel.

I don’t need aliens from other planets3,
Scientists who messed up experiments4,
Or heroes with animal-like abilities5.

I have my own bad guys and public transportation problems.
So leave you strong arms! You Batmans, Supermans, and Iron Mans.
Hang up your capes and bury your masks.

But I don’t want to be the super hero either.
I want to be myself and want others to be themselves.
And together, I want to build a better city.

It’s not going to happen overnight like those with superpowers.
It’s probably not going to happen in my lifetime.
But as long as I am part of it now, I’ll be okay.

Depressed Batman


(1) Iron Man
(2) The Koch brothers, the Supreme Court, and a new kind of liberty
(3) Superman (also, great video on Superman as undocumented)
(4) Bruce Banner (the Hulk)
(5) Wolverine, Spiderman, etc.