The Empire is Making You Sick: A Radical Theology from the Gospel of Mark

This brilliant piece is by guest blogger Rand Williamson. Introduction: Looking for the Roots of a Sick Society With social life in America rupturing like a boil. It seems almost like an understatement to say “the US is sick”. After generations of racism and economic deprivation, months of isolation, weeks of riots, and continuing demonstrationsContinue reading “The Empire is Making You Sick: A Radical Theology from the Gospel of Mark”

a funny thing happened on the way to hebron

(This was originally published on Presbyterian Peace Fellowship’s blog) I attended the Christian Peacemaker Teams’ Board Meeting as the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship representative, not expecting anything life-altering, but transformation waits for no one. CPT planned their Board Meeting in Hebron, Palestine during the week of March 13th. They sandwiched it between a Sabeel Conference andContinue reading “a funny thing happened on the way to hebron”

meeting the mexico/us border for the first time

A repost of a piece I wrote for the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship blog. “You can tell me about the politics of Latin America, but you don’t know what’s happening at your own border.” – Activist from Colombia The School of the Americas Watch Protest has become my activist family reunion. For the last five years, I’veContinue reading “meeting the mexico/us border for the first time”

ramblings about anti-war, the election, and calvin

I’ve been thinking about how difficult voting with a clean conscience appears to be with this election, and perhaps all elections. I consider myself a single issues voter; my issue is justice. More specifically, I care deeply and have been part of peace movements for almost a decade. Unfortunately, the nominees for President are ratherContinue reading “ramblings about anti-war, the election, and calvin”

batman, kurdistan, and the red prison #PPFIK

Currently,  I’m with the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship and Christian Peacemaker Teams on a delegation in Iraqi Kurdistan. Today, we visited the Red Prison in the morning. Below is the blogpost I wrote for the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship. It didn’t hit me until later in the afternoon how drained I was from the experience. Before coming on this delegation, weContinue reading “batman, kurdistan, and the red prison #PPFIK”