bft’s reading,listening,&watching list

This week I attended my first poetry workshop at a New York Public library. It made me realize how much I miss the structure of school. I may have not enjoyed writing papers or having deadlines, but school brings with it a sense of purpose and form that shaped my time. I thought that IContinue reading “bft’s reading,listening,&watching list”

belhar confession (revised with inclusive language)

The Presbyterian Church USA General Assembly 222 accepted the Belhar Confession into their Book of Confessions. As a Presbyterian, I am very proud of this.  1. We believe in the triune God, Creator, Redeemer, and Holy Spirit, who gathers, protects, and cares for the church through Word and Spirit. This, God has done since theContinue reading “belhar confession (revised with inclusive language)”

batman, kurdistan, and the red prison #PPFIK

Currently,  I’m with the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship and Christian Peacemaker Teams on a delegation in Iraqi Kurdistan. Today, we visited the Red Prison in the morning. Below is the blogpost I wrote for the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship. It didn’t hit me until later in the afternoon how drained I was from the experience. Before coming on this delegation, weContinue reading “batman, kurdistan, and the red prison #PPFIK”

walter benjamin, solidarity, and my peace delegation

I spent my last semester at Union Theological Seminary thinking about the past. Ever since I learned, two years ago, about Walter Benjamin’s concept of the weak messianic force, I knew I wanted to write my thesis on it. The idea is mainly found in On the Concept of History. It outlines how a historicalContinue reading “walter benjamin, solidarity, and my peace delegation”

overthinking my iraqi kurdistan delegation in hopes for transformation

Intrinsic to fundraising is how one sells it. This certainly was true when I told others about my upcoming delegation to Kurdistan with Presbyterian Peace Fellowship and Christian Peacemaker Teams. Either people have never heard of Kurdistan or understand it as being an ally for the US. I usually had to explain how Kurdistan isContinue reading “overthinking my iraqi kurdistan delegation in hopes for transformation”

fellowshipping with socialists

I first heard of the event, “Socialism from moment to movement,” when some Facebook friends clicked “interested” and it appeared on my timeline. I paid it no mind, but took a screenshot of it so I would be reminded of it every time I went through my photos. It was the day before the eventContinue reading “fellowshipping with socialists”

maundy thursday: last meals

“No Seconds” by Henry Hargreaves It might seem odd to discuss Death Row inmates’ last meals and the Last Supper, but I don’t find it much of a stretch. Here’s a few reasons why: Jesus knew he would be killed in a few hours, as too those on Death Row. Although it’s after this mealContinue reading “maundy thursday: last meals”

a people’s history of prayer: elizabeth thunderbird haile

“O God the Creator,” a hymn by Elizabeth Haile, Shinnecock, and Cecil Corbett, Nez Perce/Choctaw O God the Creator, the Three in One The Creator of Earth and moon and sun You have loved and protected us since time first begun And we’re brothers and sisters in God’s love, in God’s love. And we’re brothers and sistersContinue reading “a people’s history of prayer: elizabeth thunderbird haile”

a people’s history of prayer: gwendolyn brooks

The Preacher Ruminates Behind the Sermon I think it must be lonely to be God.  Nobody loves a master. No. Despite  The bright hosannas, bright dear-Lords, and bright  Determined reverence of Sunday eyes.  Picture Jehovah striding through the hall  Of His importance, creatures running out  From servant-corners to acclaim, to shout  Appreciation of His merit’sContinue reading “a people’s history of prayer: gwendolyn brooks”