rest in power, dr. cone

Today, Dr. James Hal Cone died.  I started reading Dr. Cone in undergrad. Through his books, I came to realize that I can be political in my own theology. I even wrote a blog post attempting to use Dr. Cone’s theology to critique Flannery O’Connor: the compassion of the christ: taking christian theology serious forContinue reading “rest in power, dr. cone”

how wide is your theological imagination?

One of the most theological imaginative ideas in the last 50 years: Capitalism isn’t working. Another World is Possible! A week before Christmas, Pastor Tim Keller tweeted: This comes as no surprise. For Keller, evangelicals, and other Christian conservatives, Jesus’ main objective was to forgive sins. For this reason, accordingly, Jesus was put on aContinue reading “how wide is your theological imagination?”

our politics are still boring

At the turn of the millennium, Crimethinc produced a great and still relevant piece, “Your Politics Are Boring As F*ck.” They describe how practitioners of radical political ideologies are going about things the wrong way. One delightful example posited spending the afternoon collecting food from businesses, who were going to throw it away anyway, toContinue reading “our politics are still boring”

meeting the mexico/us border for the first time

A repost of a piece I wrote for the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship blog. “You can tell me about the politics of Latin America, but you don’t know what’s happening at your own border.” – Activist from Colombia The School of the Americas Watch Protest has become my activist family reunion. For the last five years, I’veContinue reading “meeting the mexico/us border for the first time”

psalms for the election

enjoy two of my favorite anti-empire psalms from the hebrew bible! psalm 46 God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. therefore we will not fear, though the Earth should change, though the mountains shake in the heart of the sea; though its waters roar and foam, though the mountains trembleContinue reading “psalms for the election”

like any good ghost, the holy ghost haunts the world towards justice #halloweentheology

I wrote this paper a few years back and think it’s good to revisit it, especially on Halloween! “for in the one spook we were all haunted into one house jews or greeks, slaves or free and we were all made to be spooked by the phantasm.” 1 Corinthians 12:13 (New Revised Specter Version) InContinue reading “like any good ghost, the holy ghost haunts the world towards justice #halloweentheology”

youth group social justice worship service

I had a wonderful time leading a Vesper-like service for a youth group from Yorktown, NY. The theme of the service was faith and social justice. Tonight they also volunteered with food prep and will help out tomorrow at the soup kitchen. I thought I’d share the bulletin since I enjoyed creating it so much!   Continue reading “youth group social justice worship service”

ramblings about anti-war, the election, and calvin

I’ve been thinking about how difficult voting with a clean conscience appears to be with this election, and perhaps all elections. I consider myself a single issues voter; my issue is justice. More specifically, I care deeply and have been part of peace movements for almost a decade. Unfortunately, the nominees for President are ratherContinue reading “ramblings about anti-war, the election, and calvin”

bft’s reading/listening/watching list (8/28)

Here’s what I’ve been listening to and reading this week. Enjoy!  Music Two great subversively religiously albums released this last week.  The Chairman Dances ‘Time Without Measure’ I can’t stop raving about this album! Just look at the track titles. When Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin are in the first song, you gotta know it’sContinue reading “bft’s reading/listening/watching list (8/28)”