Welcome to black flag theology!

My fascination with the politics and religion began at a young age. How could it not? Politics and religion have always been bedmates. They each direct people in how to think about themselves, others, and the world. Later in my life a tragedy occurred that deeply affected my faith, and consequently my politics. I found myself outside the camp of conservatism without a faith family to call my own. I searched for a church where I felt comfortable asking questions. This eventually landed me in small progressive Episcopal Church. After a year of growth and transformation, I attended Eastern University and received a BA in Theology. After graduating, I worked as a youth minister at a United Methodist Church and led worship at a campus ministry. I recently graduated from Union Theological Seminary in New York City with an MDiv. Currently, I am a pastoral intern at a Presbyterian Church and work as a volunteer coordinator at a soup kitchen and shelter on the Upper West Side.

Why black flag?

A common misunderstanding of the blog’s title is whether it has anything to do with Henry Rollins’ band, Black Flag. The simple answer is no. I take the symbol of the black flag at its basic meaning, which is that of an anarchist flag. The black flag is about non-compliance to the State. The black flag symbolically represents that a new world is possible — one without arbitrary boundaries, without wars, and people joining collectively to meet their needs.

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