En La Caminata: Remembering Marcella Althaus-Reid

This is from a great friend at Union Theological Seminary on one of his favorite theologians, Marcella Althaus-Reid and why her work is vital. I could not agree more!

Indecent Theology

 (In honor of the life and legacy of Marcella Althaus-Reid, a series on queer theology begins here on the anniversary of her death. Sigamos su camino: tengamos aguante.)


“In theology, to repeat can be associated with many modern habitual trappings, such as those into which ‘theologies at the margins’ may fall when they become simply attempts to induce oppressed multitudes to invest their identities in the centre-defined theological exercise by a simple economy of inclusion. Some gender-based theologies fall especially into that trap: they end reconciling themselves with androcentrism by getting reabsorbed into the system via heterosexual ideals of equality.”[1]

Thursday, February 20, 2014 will be five years since the world lost Marcella Althaus-Reid to a battle with cancer. Marcella María de los Angeles was born in Rosario, Argentina on May 11, 1952. She remained in Argentina to attend the Instituto Unviversitario ISEDET earning a bachelor’s of theology. It was…

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