5 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Isaiah Smith

    1. Hey Mark, thanks for finding me on the web. I would love to explain my position to you! I know that this issue is complex and often people with differing opinions do not stay in contact or even want to see/understand others views. Isaiah Smith’s story is a good example of something that happens all the time: someone expresses their identity and others reacts harshly. When it comes to persons who desire to follow God through Christ, but identity differently than the normative culture, it is all too often the church that holds people back. I like to distinguish the church, which is a human institution, although God moves and shakes it up, is still led by people, and God who pursues us and loves us deeply. One historical example of how the church has harmed a group of people happened in the late 1790’s at Saint George’s in Philadelphia when the white deacons told the African American members that they could not pray at the altar. This is certainly an injustice, the church divides, but God desires all to love. So now we are presented with a decision: to keep things how they are, to not question standards, to allow communities to be exclusive as possible or to be open as God is open, to be loved and be loving. Isaiah Smith does not need bullied, he needs to have love and support surrounding him. This is my position.

  1. Thanks for your answer. I think you should of called Isaiah to REPENTANCE, as we all need to repent daily of our many sins, and embrace Christ and his cross as our final solution. Amen. Bye.

    1. If Isaiah would have to repent so would those bullying him, and the principal, and the churches near him in Texas. Repentance must come not only with a change of mind, but also of one’s heart. So with our repentance, our attitudes toward others must change. You can’t be the same person after you have repented. The church and ourselves should always be reforming and changing. Agreed, Christ is our solution only if we are able to show it by loving others.

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