Mexican Liberation theology with Our Lady of Guadalupe and guests

Our Lady of Guadalupe with Wrestler and Zapatista by Nicolas Lorenzo

A beautiful example of contextual liberation theology found near Mexico City.

Liberation Theology

mexican liberation theology with our lady of guadalupe and guests


4 thoughts on “mexican liberation theology with our lady of guadalupe and guests

    • Thanks, Dean! Agreed I do not believe that the Virgin Mary would commend those who enact violence upon others. On the other hand, she, like Jesus, is on the side of the oppressed. The way they go about their liberation can be questionable, but not their struggle.

      • On that we agree wholeheartedly. Like I said, I understand the sentiment being expressed, and I sympathize with it for sure. But I suppose it seems to me that when one adopts violence against violence, the struggle is eclipsed by the response which seeks to simply perpetuate the problem that creates the struggle in the first place. At that point, Mary stands with victims of violence on both sides–oppressed and oppressor–because the line becomes impossible to draw.

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